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NEWest Construction Company's Commitment to Safety

It is the policy of NEWest Construction to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees, subcontractors on project sites.

A safe environment on any construction site is the result of efforts by everyone from top management to the laborer. Each person has some specific responsibility for the overall safety of the project. Listed below are the procedures followed by the Project Superintendent on every job.

  • Review plans, specifications and construction method with the Project Manager to evaluate potential safety risks and hazards prior to commencing work. Consider safety in every stage of construction and incorporate hazard management in the plan and the schedule.
  • Maintain the following items in the job trailer:
    • Safety posters (supplied by the Safety Director) prominently displayed
    • First Aid kit properly stocked
    • Fire extinguishers located in strategic locations
    • MSDS Manual with appropriate revisions
    • Hazardous Chemicals List (located in the front of the MSDS manual)
    • NEWest Construction Safety Policy statement (contained in the Company Manual)
    • PPE (hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, etc.) as may be required for Company employees and guests
    • Emergency Phone numbers prominently displayed
  • Set an example for all persons on the job site through diligent compliance with safety regulations
  • Train all personnel in safety regulations and procedures and ensure compliance
  • Conduct a weekly safety meeting with employees and subcontractor foremen, using the appropriate weekly agenda provided by the Safety Director. Return the form to the Safety Director. Provide copies of the weekly agenda to each subcontractor and ensure Weekly Toolbox Meetings by each subcontractor on site
  • Insist that subcontractors comply with safety regulations by:
    • Addressing safety at all subcontractor meetings and keeping minutes of items discussed
    • Issuing verbal or written warnings for violations
    • Reporting (in writing) serious violations to the owner of subcontractor, Owner, the Project Manager and the Safety Director
  • Ensure all visitors to the jobsite are properly protected and follow all safety rules
  • Ensure that the operations of subcontractors not under our control do not endanger our employees, subcontractors, visitors, or cause damage to the project
  • Report hazardous activities of anyone at the project site to the Safety Director
  • Report significant safety incidents, violations and concerns to the Safety Director

Safety Training
People can only be expected to do what they have been instructed to do. Training in hazard recognition and reporting, safety regulations and procedures, and the NEWest policy must be given to every employee before they start to work. Every subcontractor must clearly understand what our policy is and that compliance with it is a condition of his or her subcontract with us.

All regular employees will receive the training during their Orientation Period. The Superintendent must train every temporary employee and contract laborer before allowing them to work.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

Safety Director

  • Provide initial training to all regular management employees during their Orientation Period

Project Manager review with the Superintendent:

  • Special hazards of the project and provisions for special training and equipment.
  • Subcontractors' safety records and policies.

Superintendent brief subcontractors' foremen and NEWest employees on:

  • Safety policy and manual.
  • Emergency and medical procedures and contacts.
  • Special safety hazards on the job.
  • Company procedure for safety policy enforcement.
  • Keep records of all safety briefings and training to include:
    • Date.
    • Description.
    • Name of instructor and attendees.
    • Location.
    • Number or hours.
    (This can be noted on the Daily Report for employees and subcontractors. For employees, a record should be sent to the Safety Director.)

Foremen must explain safety policy to their personnel and enforce that policy.

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